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Travel Tinker LLC. Privacy Policy

We at Travel Tinker LLC. abide by our Privacy Policy to serve your travel needs, provide you with the right information, ensure your personal information security and assure you of the best service quality. We strive to improve our service standards and enrich your user experience in compliance with our Privacy Policy. You are requested to go through the "Privacy Policy" terms, and know about how we collect, use and protect your personal information. Your agreement to the Privacy Policy will enable you to get the best of our services.

We share your information with the following groups


Suppliers refer to airlines that we are associated with. We feature flight deals of the suppliers on www.Travel Tinker LLC.com. We share customers' personal information with relevant suppliers. They are given access to your personal details so that they can satisfactorily meet your travel needs. The relevant airline that we book your flight with may contact you and verify the details shared by you. You must check the privacy policy of the airline whose flight service you avail through Travel Tinker LLC..

Third-party vendors

Our associates include credit card verification agents, fraudulence investigators, customer service executives and business analysts in the group of third-party vendors. We provide the third party vendors with access to your personal details so that your request for flight booking is efficiently processed. We authorize only those whose services are relevant to your request for flight reservation, to access your details and contact you.

Business partners

Business partners in our network are the service providers whom we have associated with to improve and extend our services. If the service of any of them is required to serve your travel needs, we give them access to your information. We request you to check our business partners' privacy policies which are out of our control.

Corporate affiliates

Our corporate affiliates are various services providers in travel and non-travel niches. We market and promote each other. We may share your details with them in order to facilitate your access to their services. They apply fool-proof security measures to protect your vital details shared with them. 
The above-mentioned groups of our associates are bound to abide by their privacy policies in order to prevent your identity theft and protect your personal information.

Booking and purchasing

Sharing your personal details (mentioned above) is mandatory in order to book a flight and make payment for the same. We may need your 'frequent traveler' number to process your 'flight booking' request and notify you of the earned points. If you want to book a flight for the other person, you need to provide his / her personal details.


"Cookies" refers to small pieces of information that are saved on your computer when you browse the Internet. The details of your computer are traced only by the servers that use cookies. However, cookies are no spyware or malicious application to collect your personal details. It is a common facet of Internet. Our service uses cookies for the purposes given below:

  • We use cookies to identify you as a frequent visitor on our Website. It also helps us know your travel preferences from the data that you enter on our website, and serve your needs accordingly
  • We use cookies to evaluate the interactivity of our Website and its communication efficiency.

Almost all Internet browsers let server cookies collect user computer details. You can restrict the browser that you use to surf Internet and visit websites from accepting cookies, through customization of the setting or anti-cookies application installation.

You have the right to not let cookies collect your computer details. However, if you customize your Internet browser setting to block the Travel Tinker LLC. server cookies, you may not be able to use certain features of our Website. If cookies are blocked on your Internet browser, your user experience may be affected.

How we protect your personal information

By our privacy policy, we are committed to keep your personal information secure. We assure you of the strict user information security at the time of browsing our website Travel Tinker LLC..com. The website integrates advanced features to facilitate online user information security. We have an upgraded security system integrating firewall to keep the user database safe from unauthorized access. We use a high-end 'encryption' method to transmit your personal information to our database system.

Children's privacy

Our website is not to be used by minors children whose age is 13 years or under it though we book flights for young travelers. Underage children are not among our target audience. So, we don't collect their personal details as per our privacy policy.

Your privacy in legal cases

We have the right to share your personal details with the lawyer in case of legal or judicial proceeding over hacking of your user account, unauthorized access to your profile or misuse of your personal information.

We have the right to modify our Privacy Policy at any time. We will send an email to notify you about the modification. The modified or newly added terms of the Privacy policy will be effective once updation of the page is completed. If you continue using our Website, it shows your consent to accept the updated or modified Privacy Policy.

If you have any query about any term of the Travel Tinker LLC. Privacy Policy, please do get in touch with us at [email protected]